Blogroll – 02/23/2009

February 23rd, 2009

Happy Monday everyone!   I dont overwhelm you this week, but I wanted to share a few memorable posts I stumbled across recently.

How the Stimulus Bill Can Help Green Your Home - Siel with Low Impact Living detailed out how the stimulus bill could help us save money “greening” our homes.

Recycle your Cell Phone – Plant a Tree Focus Organic gives us a resource to not only recycle your old cell phone, but also help plant trees in much needed areas.

Green Reads – Eco Living Books for Ideas and Information by the Chic Ecologist offers great book recommendations for your green library.

Laugh Away by The Sharing Connections What makes you laugh?

You Forget 80% of What You Learn Every Day! AJ Kumar with give us some supprising facts regarding our learning patterns.

How to Buy Organic Eggs: Pastured vs. Free Range Eggs is a useful guide for the egg lover in you.

2 Responses to “Blogroll – 02/23/2009”

  1. Wilson Pon says:

    Thanks for the heads up, Carla.

  2. 80%? Really? Wow. But it makes a lot of sense, actually. I know I’m exposed to tons more information every day than I could poddibly store.

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