California is down to the last drop

March 3rd, 2009


Photo by Josh Sommers

California’s Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared a state of emergency because of a severe drought. BBC News

“We have a water system that is for 18 million people – now we are 38 million. We’ve got to go and redo our water system – bring it up to date.”

Wet February helps, water supply but not enough San Francisco Chronicle

The storms pounding the Bay Area and blanketing the Sierra Nevada with snow have brought California back from the brink of the worst drought in state history, but the drenching is not enough to assure adequate water supplies this summer, state water officials said Monday.

If you live in the state of California, no doubt you are well aware of the serious issue we are facing when it comes to our water supply.  Despite all the rain we are experiencing (at least in the Bay Area)  and snow in the Sierra, we are still in the midst of a serious drought. Mandatory rationing will be the next step to secure our resources.

Already, over 95,000 jobs have been lost and many more are at risk due to the reduction in crops.  The federal government announced that it will temporary shut off water to thousands of farms starting March 1. Since California is the nation’s number one agriculture state producing more than half the nation’s fruits, vegetables, and nuts, the price of food will no doubt increase.

I hope this serves as a reminder for all of us to conserve water. I think thats the least we can do at this point.

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13 Responses to “California is down to the last drop”

  1. That made me feel a little scared at first, all those poor people.

    But there is an abundance of everything for everyone. We just need to be open and willing to tap into it and realize that all will find a way.

  2. Water scarcity is going to continue to be a serious issue in the coming years – especially if the temperature continues to rise. I think there may even be wars over it in the future.

    It is SO expensive but it may be time to begin investing in desalination plants. There’s a lot of salt water that could be used.

  3. Carla says:

    @Jannie – You’re so right about that. Its the mismanagement of resources and greed that’s killing us.

    @Kim – That is a good idea. At the very least it can be used or irrigation.

  4. Wow, I don’t read the news a lot, but thanks for bringing this to my attention. I agree, we need to be mindful of how we use our resources.

    I think that planting more trees will help with keeping water in the soil. Also, capturing rain water & using it to water our lawns, wash cars, etc, is much better than using tap water.

  5. Cath Lawson says:

    Hi Carla – I haven’t been reading much news, so I had no idea that things were getting so bad over in California.

    Like you – I hope this teaches folk to be more thoughtful about their water consumption. I was reading some stats before and people in the USA are using far much more water per person than any other country. It just doesn’t seem right when billions of people have no access to an adequate water supply at all.

  6. Gennaro says:

    Water supply is going to be an issue for the coming years as more and more people continue to shift from the Northeast and Midwest to the Sunbelt. California, is especially, important for its food production as you noted. Conserving water is an important element.

  7. J. Money says:

    scary indeed! boy…makes me think twice about my 20 min showers here in the DC area- yikes.

  8. Wilson Pon says:

    A few of my friends who currently living at California found that it’s a hard time to them, not only with the bad economy situation but the water scarcity as well!

    Hope the mayor will do something to overcome the matter as soon as possible, Carla.

  9. Ralph says:

    Come to Europe you guys .. plenty of water and green land ;)

  10. Sagan says:

    That’s so awful. I’m glad there’s awareness being drawn to the issue. Even the little things like turning off the tap saves a lot. I swear I spend half my time at the university running around turning off taps in the bathrooms that people leave on, I get so angry that people leave them running.

  11. Miguel says:

    Unreal, you’re right… collectively, we need to do our best to help conserve water. There’s tons of practical things we can do daily. What’s crazy is that just is only in California- there’s a huge water crisis that’s been going on in the bigger global community that kills more people than wars, which is largely ignored, and other problems combined. Water seems to be an issue for most. Action is needed and the investment is worth it because it’s going to save lives. :)


  12. wilson says:

    It’s getting hard and harder to have drinkable water, especially in the upcoming years. Hence, we should get into the water conservation as early as we can, Carla!

  13. Carla says:

    @Nathalie – Once we move, we’re going to invest in rain barrels. I know those will really go a long way.

    @Cath – What you said reminds me of my post a couple weeks ago regarding lawns. Totally unnecessary.

    @Gennaro – I totally agree.

    @J. Money – This has definitely got me in the habit of timing my showers more IMO. :)

    @Wilson – I think you mean the governor. But we all have to do our part in one way or another.

    @Ralph – That sounds like a good idea, but we have to solve our problems here first.

    @Sagan – I cant believe that grown adults actually leave the bathroom water on!

    @Miguel – I agree. No matter how bad it gets here, at least we still have safe, drinkable water.

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