Emperor “Clean Coal” has no clothes

December 4th, 2008

The buzzwords of the day: “clean coal” has been talked about quite a bit during the ’08 presidential election as being the thing that will saves us.  But is this “clean coal” really clean?

Check out…

This is Reality

The Clean

The concept of clean coal is said to be a solution to climate change and global warming by coal industry groups, while environmental groups maintain that it is greenwash, a public relations tactic that presents coal as having the potential to be an environmentally acceptable option. Greenpeace is a major opponent of the concept because emissions and wastes are not avoided, but are transferred from one waste stream to another. - Wikipedia

What do you think about clean coal? Can coal really be clean?

9 Responses to “Emperor “Clean Coal” has no clothes”

  1. Patricia says:

    This is a very interesting piece and I have just been looking at the Architecture2030 site and they too clearly and scientifically state there is no such thing as clean coal.

    I agree that there is no such thing as clean coal and I am very upset with the Dept. of Energy Commercials touting all this abundance of energy resources available in North America – or as they say “right here at home” – It is more propaganda and illusion, more tricks and mirrors. With gas prices going doing and the auto industry bailout…folks will quickly forget…aargh! I get frustrated.

    Patricia’s last blog post..Hey Santa Could You Send a Few Things My Way?

  2. I’m glad you posted about this – I was just discussing clean coal with someone yesterday. We decided it doesn’t exist. Clean coal is kind of an oxymoron.

    It bothers me that during the presidential campaign that Obama frequently mentioned clean coal – he’s intelligent enough to know better.

    Kim Woodbridge | (Anti) Social Development’s last blog post..Stuff This in Your RSS – 12/02/08 – Eleblog

  3. Jannie says:

    Seems to be on a par with the Athabasca Tar Sands quandary — taking a lot of energy to extract “clean” energy, robbing Paul to pay Peter, so to speak.

    Jannie’s last blog post..Well, it was Thanksgiving Friday and all…

  4. sharon says:

    You have an interesting blog. Clean coal? Oh please! Give us a break, but there again, pigs can fly. Anything is possible! ha ha….

    sharon’s last blog post..One Easy Way to Get Your Feelings to Match Your Desire

  5. greenandchic says:

    @Sharon – I totally agree!
    @Jannie – “robbing Paul to pay Peter” Well said!
    @Kim – That did bother me too. When he first brought it up, I didnt know what it was. After doing some research, I then realized it is a myth. I hope he realizes it now too.
    @Patricia – I heard on NPR briefly that SUV sales are starting to climb a little again. I so hope that’s not true.

  6. Bellesouth says:

    I really cannot stand the term “Clean Coal” — but at the same time, it’s hard for me to fathom how we can break ourselves completely free from coal right now without living completely off the grid and free of any communication with anyone else. Maybe if they changed its name to “Cleaner Coal” or something.

    Bellesouth’s last blog post..Five Annoying, Expensive and Craptacular Holiday Traditions

  7. John says:

    Coal can be made much cleaner that it is now. Secondly the Germans liquified coal during world war II and used it to run their tanks. Coal is one of the cheapest energy forms to produce electricity. If electricity rate go up more people will put in wood and coal burning stoves and burn coal and wood to supplement their heating needs. You people need to wake up and use a little common sense. Do you want people wondering around the country searching for trees to cut and burn in the winter?

  8. greenandchic says:

    @John – thank you for your input and opinion. I agree, burning trees isn’t the best way to go either – it may be worse in some ways. Do you think that coal can be made cleaner than “clean coal”?

    @Bellesouth – that is a very good point. I wonder how this can be done too.

  9. wilson says:

    I loved this clean coal concept, Carla and hopefully by using this concept, it will help to overcome the global warming matter…

    wilson’s last blog post..Don’t Soak The Kelp in Hot Water!

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