Green and Chic Store Makeover & SoLi Design Studios Review

October 8th, 2009

I know it been a while, but I would like to introduce my new Green and Chic website!

Sophia Lindsay of SoLi Design Studios is the brains and muscle behind the new design, layout and feel. My vision was to have a more user friendly web store while keeping the same eCommerce platform (which makes my life easier).

Though the site is always a work in progress and never “complete”, I am very happy with the new design. Its been almost a year since the launch of Green and Chic and I have been itching for a new look for months. Its almost like keeping the same wardrobe or hairstyle for over a decade, and you’re craving for a change as you grow as a person and your life changes.

Sophia was my personal shopper, esthetician, and hair stylist. When looking for someone to design or redesign your website, its very much like looking for someone to help you put together your wardrobe. You are searching for someone with experience, that has a good eye, knows the definition of practicality and can work within your budget.

During the process, Sophia always laid out exactly what she wanted to do, the reasons why and asked for my input before making a move. Whenever I had questions (and I had tons), she was very patient with me. I was able to see every update and change she made to the test site as they occurred. Her scheduling and billing process was seamless and easy to understand.

Over the past couple of years, I realized how difficult to find a web designer that fits some of qualities we look for. I’m glad my search is over.

This blog is next!

SoLi Design Studios

12 Responses to “Green and Chic Store Makeover & SoLi Design Studios Review”

  1. Woah! It looks absolutely stunning Carla! Way to go! :D
    .-= Nathalie Lussier´s last blog ..Healthy Desserts: 28 Healthy Dessert Recipes in the Raw =-.

  2. Debo Hobo says:

    I really like the new site. You are going to have to do a post on how you created it, where you get the products you sell etc. I would like to open an online store (selling crafts etc.) but don’t know where to begin.
    .-= Debo Hobo´s last blog ..Obama accepts Nobel Peace Prize =-.

  3. Carla Rose says:

    Thanks, Nathalie! I have to check out those healthy desserts!

  4. Carla Rose says:

    @Debo Hobo – I did have a blog that I abandoned almost a year ago at
    I started to get into it, but lost steam as I was busy working on this blog, the web store and working full-time on the outside. Its something I may take up again, but I am always here to answer any questions you may have.

    Check out where I got (and still get) a lot of valuable information when I first started.

    The best of luck to you!

  5. Evita says:

    Carla the web site looks terrific!

    I love the clean look and design and it is so easy to navigate!

    I am so happy to find that you are helping out and adding so much value by offering some truly natural and good for us products. I am always on the look out for new, good natural products, so it is great to know about all yours.

    Thank you!
    .-= Evita´s last blog ..Marcomé: An Artist and Music For the Mind, Body & Soul =-.

  6. Lance says:

    The Green and Chic store looks wonderful! And really, I think there’s a very professional look to it, which only adds to it’s credibility. Awesome!!
    .-= Lance´s last blog ..Sunday Thought For The Day =-.

  7. Carla Rose says:

    @Evita – Thank you so much! :D

  8. Carla Rose says:

    @Lance – That’s good to know – thank you so much!

  9. patricia says:

    I love the new design and yes as I turned 60 I really wanted a new hair do and wardrobe! I recognize the feeling.

    I used vinegar and baking soda early on as cleaners, but then they made allergies so much worse than before….especially to mold/ and that is smelly. I switched to Tea Tree Oil products that helped the native folks of Australia and local people here make a difference in their lives. I love doing things that benefit so many – keep up the good work…you are providing wonderful service

  10. Lisa says:

    It’s beautiful!!!

  11. Wilson Pon says:

    Carla, the new design is awesome! It’s good to see the brand new layout of Green and Chic.

  12. Micah says:

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