Guest Post: Greenify Your Fashion Shopping

August 10th, 2010

This guest post was written by Kyle Simpson (shot bio below).  Though many of us are familiar with eco-friendly or green fashion, this post serves are a good reminder for all of us.

There are many ways in which you can enjoy an eco-friendly lifestyle. You can start eating organic fruits and vegetables that are grown without the use of harmful chemical pesticides and meats that are raised without hormones or antibiotics. And a green home can incorporate planet friendly building materials, a strong dependence on natural light, energy-saving appliances and electronics, and of course, a recycling center. You can even do your part to make the Earth greener by volunteering to plant trees, work at a community garden, or educate kids about the benefits of recycling, re-using, and renewing. However, one area that you may not have realized has the potential to go green is your fashion shopping. And here are a few ways you can get on board with all that is eco-chic for your wardrobe.

  1. Clothing. Eco-friendly clothes are no longer limited to the sad-sack offerings of old. An entire industry has sprung up around the idea of fabrics that are not only sustainable and treated with low-impact dyes, but are also comfortable and on par with the fashions of the day. To that end, you can find a variety of options when it comes to feel, from organic cotton (including super-soft jersey) to hemp silk to bamboo fiber. Not only that, but famous designers like Stella McCartney and Linda Loudermilk offer full lines of eco-friendly fashions.
  2. Shoes. If you thought eco friendly shoes came only in a small variety of cork sandals and hemp sneaks, you were so wrong. Green kicks can be found in every style a woman needs from pumps to boots to strappy high-heeled sandals. If you’re skeptical, check out the huge selection at Planet Shoes, and eco-friendly e-tailer, to find the green footwear you’ve been yearning for (even Crocs offers some cute wedges for summer!)
  3. Accessories. From handbags to headbands to bangles and eyewear, you can accent your outfits in eco-friendly materials that will leave you looking and feeling great. You can find products made with eco-fabrics, humanely-treated animal leather (or leather substitutes), and even wood. Many companies also employ production processes that cut down on waste and recycle, in addition to donating a portion of proceeds to green organizations or charities.
  4. Gas vs. electricity. There are two ways to shop. You can go to the store or do your browsing online. If you visit a physical outlet, you will burn fuel (unless you prefer mass transit) and support an industry that pumps tons of power into well-lit and outrageously air-conditioned malls. Certainly there are some items that need to be tried on in person, but most online stores offer a standard return policy (30 days) and by shopping online, you are using far less electricity.
  5. Recycle. When you are ready to dump your old outfits, consider sending them off for a second life at a thrift shop that caters to homeless and battered women’s shelters. And when you go to buy, try out the other end of the recycled clothing spectrum by shopping for vintage pieces that give you a uniquely retro style.

Kyle Simpson writes for Medical Coding where you can find information on a career in medical billing and coding industry.

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  1. vered says:

    Great tips. I don’t usually pay attention to being green when it comes to fashion, but this should get me started. :)

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