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November 10th, 2008


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I usually don’t think about holiday gift giving until around December 21st, but wanted to share a few ideas for this season.  Gift ideas that are useful and reduce cost and clutter to both the giver and receiver.

Handmade gifts: This is definitely not a new concept and I’m sure many of you are already ahead of the curve on this one.  Time and skill are two issues that usually come up when thinking about handmade gifts.  For this reason, my favorite item to make are knitted scarves.   I’m by far not an expert knitter.  Throws, blankets, scarves; anything in a straight line is pretty much all I can do.  In terms of time, using large needles and comparable yarn would help you get your project done in no time.  Public transportation, waiting in line at the grocery store, lunch breaks, steeling five minutes here and there – anytime you have to wait for something are great times to get a small knitting project done.

Knitting blogs or blogs that occasionally speak about knitting:


Show and Tell: “Use it or Lose it” knitting
Okay Knits

How to knit
How to knit – The basics (YouTube)
How to knit a scarf
Knitting Help

Vogue Knitting | Chic Knits | Knit N Style If only I can knit like that! Fashion knitting is a skill I would love to have, but I think I will stick with blankets, throws, and scarves for now.  :)

More on handmade gifts.
Tsh at has a few sewing projects you can get started on now: Holidays by Hand: Celebrate the Season With Your Sewing Skills

Also, Green and Clean Mom Blog presents: 2008 Green Holiday Gift Guide offers a host of ideas tips in A Do-It-Yourself Christmas: 34 Great Gifts You Can Make Yourself

Does anyone have more homemade gift ideas?  Candles, soaps, handmade cards – anything?  Please share what you do (or would like to do) and any related links.

13 Responses to “Holiday gift ideas | Use your hands”

  1. Bellesouth says:

    This is the second holiday in a row in which I’ll be crocheting gifts for all my family. I really hope I can make better hats and scarves for them than I did last year when i was learning. :)

  2. Marelisa says:

    How about coupons: Clear the snow off your drive way; baby-sit your kids; cook you a meal; and so on :-)

  3. greenandchic says:

    @ Bellesouth – I havent crocheted in years! I started knitting a few years ago, but crochet blankets are classics.

    @ Marelisa – I love the coupon ideas, especially for needed services. :)

  4. Hi Carla – I’m not very good with the DIY gifts. I made a website for my best friend’s birthday chronicling our friendship. I’d give you the link but it’s password protected ;-)

    I like Marelisa’s idea of coupons – I used to do that when I was younger.

    Right now, things are so tight economically, the family is only going to concentrate on gifts for the kids.

    And I’ve never been able to figure out how to knit. Whenever someone tried to show me it was all backwards – I think it’s because I’m left-handed and the people who who tried to teach me were right-handed.

  5. I’m not very good at homemade/ DYI stuff. I AM getting better at planning gifts several months in advance and buying on sale rather than buying at the very last minute and overpaying.

  6. greenandchic says:

    Kim – I can relate to the knitting backwards problem. I’m right handed but for some reason, I have the same problem sometimes. I like to go to a local knitting store when I’m stuck on a project hoping someone can show me the right way.

    @Vered – I like your idea. :)

  7. Diana Rupert says:

    I guest giving a homemade gift is really unique. And it will be much appreciated by the receiver because you make it yourself to have a gift for him/her. Really nice idea.

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  12. Ashlee says:

    Kim-If you’re still looking to learn to knit, the book I have has picture step-by-step instruction for Right AND Left-handers. If you want, I can copy them and email them to you. I learned really quickly with it.

  13. Moriah Ink says:

    Nice blog and some interesting information, I found it really by mistake looking for something else. Have bookmarked it and will be back soon.

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