Thursday Link Love – green jobs, junk mail, vodka and more.

June 25th, 2009

green grechenGreen Grechen | Mountains of the Moon Giveaway

Its about time I spread more love in the blogosphere!

Green Jobs: Where are they? by Low Impact Living offers a large list of  resources to help you find your dream “green job”.  Pass it on to anyone who is looking for work.

How To Compost Without Raising a Stink If you need step-by-step instructions on how to compost without creating a huge barrow of slime (like I did), this post is definitely a good start.

Ever since I found out about the  Pacific Gyre Plastic Trash Island, it frightens me every time see photos or graphs of it. This is a “trash island”  located in the Pacific that’s twice the size of Texas and 30 feet deep.  The Chic Ecologist goes in to how this happened, the problems that its causing and possible clean-up solutions.

Would you like a drink? Gettin’ Crafty in the Kitchen: Infused Vodka gives you step-by-step instructions on how to make delicious vodka infusions. Try it with vanilla bean, basil, cucumber or even garlic! Its simple, creative, inexpensive and delicious!

Are You More Frugal or Green?: Balancing Multiple Goals Which camp do you fall into?  Tyler goes into the trap of being too frugal or cheap at the risk of neglecting green-oriented goals.  He also states that  “…as noble as it may seem to shirk financial gain in favor of saving the world at all cost (forgive the pun), how many people can really sustain such a life?” The question is, how can you strike a balance?

Mountains of the Moon Giveaway by Green Grechen is another fabulous eco-fashion blog giveaway. The contest ends June 28th so hurry!

Inspiring Vertical Gardens for Small Spaces I am a huge fan of unconventional gardens and growing wherever you can.  This post gives you an idea of where and how you can have a garden when you have very little space to work with.

How To Stop Receiving Paper Junk Mail and Save Trees by Money Blue Book gives you a list of resources and websites on how to stop paper junk mail from making its way to your mailbox.

Stay tuned for more giveaways and a Green and Chic price reduction announcement in the weeks ahead.

5 Responses to “Thursday Link Love – green jobs, junk mail, vodka and more.”

  1. Squawkfox says:

    Hi Carla! Thank you so much for the linky love mention. So happy you enjoyed my compost heap. ;)

  2. Carla Rose says:

    @Squawkfox – You’re very welcome! It is definitely a great article!

  3. Tyler says:

    Thanks so much for the link. I had never heard about the trash island before. That is truly frightening and sending me on a new research frenzy. Do I really want to know more? *Shudders*

  4. Wilson Pon says:

    What a great list, Carla. I’m planning to change my job to the green jobs in near future and this list is helping me a lot! Thanks again.

  5. Graham G says:

    The platic island you mention is so sadto hear about very depressing but good you are publising this environmental disaster
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